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Style Guide Tips & Tricks

Our style guide is tailored towards family sessions but the tips for do’s and don’ts still apply for couples, maternity, etc. Also note that as we build our client closet more and more options will become available for renting from us for your session to avoid those costs out of your own pocket. So keep in mind that we have some select options to use as you build your outfit choice(s).

Our Client Closet:

*Currently being updated with more options - images will soon be uploaded with sizes attached (please reach out directly for sizing)

General Help & Information

Consider your location

  • the weather/season, colors of the surrounding area, vibe/aesthetics and of course the land conditions (grove with grass versus desert with cacti).

Start with moms outfit.

  • or the most prominent female of the session

Choose a color palette.

  • once you have moms outfit then choose 2-3 coordinating colors.

Coordinate but don’t match!

  • avoid identical matching outfits (for all)

Fitted clothing is your friend.

  • avoid overly big/loose or overly tight clothing.

Be true to you!

  • it’s fun to experiment with new outfits but being you and being most comfortable with your appearance will really help you shine during your session.

Coordinate with your interior style.

  • how you style your house plays a huge role so make sure to match that same vibe.

Think classic vs trendy.

  • focus on classic and timeless attire that won’t make you cringe in 15 years.

Include the kids.

  • let the kids play a part in picking out outfits, they’ll be more inclined for participation day of as well if they feel they had more of a say in the outfits they wear.

Only one outfit.

  • besides maternity sessions (and mom only) we recommend to keep to one outfit. As fun as it is to have that variety, overall it takes away from your session time and experience and can create cranky family members too (looking at you dad and kids).

•Shoes! Don’t skip on these.

  • think of the location and your attire as a whole. Make sure they fit your outfit and are a practical option for your chosen location (I.e. no sandals in the desert cacti).

•Don’t wait to test out your clothing.

  • try on your outfits well in advance in case you need to change the sizes and/or just go a completely different direction.

Major Do’s


  • Proper fitting clothing.

  • Outfits that allow you to move comfortably.

  • For guys : untucked shirts are best.


  • Don’t forget jewelry, hats or other accessories to really pull together your whole attire. (Fancy watches okay - skip the Apple Watch)


  • Different textures create dimension in your images (ex. Faux fur, chunky knits, lace, wool, tweed, etc.)


  • Apply your makeup in natural light to assure it will look good for your outdoor photos. (In studio sessions need not worry about this)

  • Blend your foundation well with your neck.

  • No nude lips: these chases will wash you out.

  • Lip gloss or chapsticks for the whole family!

  • Fake lashes can be great to pull the work together but try and stick with a natural length.

Major Don’ts

Oversized clothing.

  • Steer clear of baggy jeans, cargo shorts or really any oversized attire.

Thin stripes/plaids.

  • Thin stripes and tight plaids distort in printed photos so best to avoid these overly busy patterns.


  • Formal attire can be amazing! Just make sure everyone is on the same page: don’t mix fancy with casual.

  • Make sure it matches the vibe/aesthetic you’re going for.

Men’s shorts.

  • Dad for these sessions leave the shorts at home and opt for jeans. Jeans will help avoid hairy legs from a distracting element to the overall photo results.

Bright whites.

  • Whites can wash you out. Instead switch to a cream or ivory.

Bold/Dark Colors.

  • Dark colors should be avoided since they appear black in photos, create an overly dark appearance and can wash you out in your images.

  • Overly bold and saturated colors can be a distraction so look for muted versions (ex. Instead of a bright yellow think mustard or gold)

Neon colors.

  • Please just no neon colors. Neon colors reflect heavily on your skin and others around you cause skin tone problems.


  • More distractions in your images. Even small logos like Nike or Polo can be too much.

Strapless / Sleeveless.

  • Sleeves are just typically more flattering for EVERYONE!


  • Best for the guys to ship undershirts to avoid them sticking out from underneath.

Athletic shoes.

  • Avoid athletic shoes or character shoes (I.e frozen, Disney, etc).

  • Try to opt for leather shoes, sandals, wedges, flats and casual sneakers (think converse)

Low cut / overly tight shirts.

  • Again proper fitting clothing is key!

  • Too tight may reveal more areas than you planned.

Baby’s outfits and diapers!

  • Make sure babies cover, dress, romper, etc. covers the Huggies!

Transitional lenses.

  • Opt for your standard lenses to avoid the blackout.

Favorite Spots To Shop
















* = more affordable options / dupes available

Style Board Inspiration (spring / summer)

Style Board Inspiration (fall / winter)

Style Board Inspiration Male vs Female

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